Select how you would like to feel from the 'Mood Menu'. When you have chosen your desired state, you can select from a range of meditations each designed specifically to help you build new thought patterns.


When you have chosen your meditation relax and listen to the words. For all the meditations, apart from Mindful Walking and Mindful Driving you will be required to close your eyes.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to meditate, just take time out of your day and allow the words to flow through your mind and replace old thoughts. Detoxing occurs in this relaxed state!


Through repeated use you can change your way of thinking. When we change our thinking we change how we behave and what we attract into our lives. By actively choosing to care about how you feel on a daily basis you gain much more control over your thoughts and life. A world of possibilities will open up as you unlock your potential to become happier, calmer and more successful.



I first build this app as a resource for my clients so they could feel empowered and in control of their own life without having to come into my office. They found other meditation apps expensive, difficult to use or didn't like the voice guiding them.

I wanted to create an easy to use, affordable platform people can use to help them with their worries and blocks to happiness and success. I have used meditation to help me make drastic improvements in all areas of my life and I really hope people learn what a valuable tool meditation can be. 

Relaxing the mind allows you to go into what is called a Theta brain state. In this slightly altered awareness your mind is very open to new ideas and beliefs and you are able to work with your imagination. You can reprogram your unconscious mind by simply relaxing and using your creative mind more productively.  In normal every day brain state (Beta) we are not able to take control of our thoughts as easily because all our automatic processes are running in the background.

By repeated use of these meditations you can feel calmer, happier and more resilient to deal with the ups and downs of every day life. I passionately believe in the Law of Attraction as I have seen it work for so many people and myself. What we think about manifests in our reality so by changing your thoughts on a deeper level you will find yourself making different decisions and manifesting what you really truly desire.

Like anything it will take patience and practise so don't put any pressure on yourself to make anything happen. Learn to trust your mind knows exactly what needs to change so trust yourself more and relax.


Happy meditating,


Fiona Lamb x



If you are having problems assessing premium content please try the 'Restore Purchase' button on the subscription page within the app.



'The best thing I signed up to all year'

"Since downloading the MindDetox app, everything has changed! I use it everyday, sometimes on multiple occasions and in addition it has dramatically improved my desire to meditate / practice mindfulness on my own which is making a huge positive impact on my life.



"This app has helped me so much. I've been using it everyday for a week, it's really easy to use and Fiona's voice and words resonate so much with me. It's much easier to use than other apps and 100% has reduced my anxiety whilst work has been stressful. I've recommended to friends already and I hope it helps others like it has helped me!


'Can't recommend this app enough'

"Whenever I'm feeling off, overwhelmed like I need a pick me up this is the app I turn to. Fiona has created an incredible place with customised meditations to help you get clear and re- centered. Highly recommended.


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