The most commonly asked question I am asked is "Am I doing it right?". Here are my five top tips for meditating...

Fiona Lamb - Creator of Mind Detox App & Harley Street Therapist

1. You don't need to try to make anything happen. The beauty of meditation is you can allow yourself to just be. 

2. You will still think thoughts when you meditate, that is completely normal. It is just recognising those thoughts and not giving them your attention for too long.

3. Everyone can meditate. It isn't a special practise reserved for certain people. You don't ever get good at it, it just becomes easier to not be distracted by loud thoughts.

4. Some days will be different to others. 

5. Release expectation. Nothing miraculous or immediate happens in meditation. The changes don't happen with your eyes closed, they happen with your eyes open. Be patient and consistent and you will notice yourself being less reactive to certain situations and people.

The truth is there is no right or wrong. Taking time out to enjoy relaxation feels good so it should be enjoyed. It's been scientifically proven that the easiest way to meditate is through guided visualisation and using your imagination in a more productive way rather than on fearful thoughts.

This is why I have created a library of over 50 meditations using visualisations and affirmations to guide users through the process in the most simple way possible. Each meditation is linked to how you want to feel including, calm, happy, sleepy, positive, confident, motivated and successful so people can use the power of their mind to take control over their lives.

This method of guided meditation has helped me personally, and all the clients I have treated, overcome anxiety, insomnia and blocks to happiness. I hope it helps you too. 


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