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Your Mind Detox Meditation Guide

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1. Aim to find a comfy space where you feel can feel relaxed and won't be disturbed. Even if this is a small corner of your room, try to create a specific place for your meditation. Each time you go back to this place, your brain will recall these feelings, helping you relax a little more each time. Affirmations can also be done in the same place each time for example in the shower, washing up or driving. 


2. Try to set a specific meditation schedule. Our handy reminder will help you by sending you a notification at the time you wish.  Try to stick to the same time each day if you can, as this helps to build a routine. If you miss a day, want a day off or a schedule doesn't work for you, that's ok too. Everyone is different so find your own balance that helps you the most. 

3. Wear comfy clothes. Try to not wear anything that is going to irritate you during your meditation. Clothing should be loose and not restricted, especially if you are doing deep breathing. Warm clothing also helps as your body temperature may drop slightly during your practise. Blankets and cushions can also make you feel more cosy!

4. You can start with our 'How To Meditate' to get to grips with the basics. Meditation is just moving your attention away from your thoughts to help break old habitual ways of thinking. We can use our breathing to do this but if you want to let your mind drift that's perfectly ok. Pay more attention to how you are feeling during the meditation and try to not solve any problems. 

5. Tap into your imagination. It is only ever our imagination that works against us. When we worry, when we feel anxious and when we overthink we are using the creative part of our mind to think about the 'what if's'. Learning to use this part of your mind in a more beneficial way, will help you make changes to how you act and react and ultimately to the outcomes you experience.

6. Try to find somewhere quiet but if you get disturbed by noise just let it wash over you. Accept the moment and what is happening just the way it is.


7. If you feel tempted to open your eyes, or get up and move around, try to work through those feelings. Each time you do this you are breaking old behaviour patterns and making changes in the mind. It won't feel easy sitting and doing nothing to start with, but as your mind adjusts it will feel more and more normal.

8. Remember there is value to stillness and silence. We live in a world that prioritises being busy but this isn't when we are our most productive, creative and happiest. When you learn to connect to your inner peace and power you begin to achieve your potential. Your unconscious mind is the foundation to your whole life and this can be accessed during your meditations.

9. YOU CAN'T GET IT WRONG. Repeat. There is no such thing as a wrong meditation. Give yourself permission to stop trying so hard. Most things in life you have to try to be good at them. Not with meditation. Even though you will have an intention when you begin, all you need to do is sit and let go and your mind will do the rest of the work. It will get easier as you learn to trust yourself more and more. 

10. Enjoy it. It feels good to have relief from fear and trying to solve problems. It feels good to take control over your life. See this as a creative process and have fun with these meditations. It doesn't need to be mundane or boring. Just like life, it's what you make of it. 

We hope this helps you and as always do feel free to reach out if you have any questions for us. 

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